A Letter From the President
The Year in Review

It has been an exciting year for the CSWA-S, and we are proud to continue the tradition of providing excellent educational and professional opportunities for our membership.
Cheryl Turner, LMSW has done an amazing job as the Program Chair in planning and organizing these meetings, and deserves great kudos and accolades for a job well done! She works diligently from start to finish to make all of the monthly colloquiums and social events go off without a hitch, and we really are indebted to her service.
Maggie Lee, LCSW did a fantastic undertaking of putting together all of the final details and arrangements for the Annual Conference, and more than deserves this year's award for Social Worker of the Year!!!
Our Treasurer, Mandy Miller, MA, LCSW, worked diligently to revise our accounting structure, and is near the finalization of getting our tax status in order. She has taken only months to overcome hurdles that confounded us for years, and has put the CSWA-S in a very good financial position. We truly could not have done this without her, and we are extremely fortunate that she has accepted the position as Vice President for 2013-2014. Our secretary, Deana Wakefield Hagan, LCSW, is taking over as Treasurer this year, and has some really big shoes to fill!
In addition, we have spent the past 12 months rebuilding our relationship with Savannah State University. Under the auspices of our SSU Representative, Dr. Adrian Anderson, our student membership has grown faster than ever, and we hope to continue to expand our partnership with one of the greatest resources for Social Workers in Southeast Georgia. Ali Baker-North, MSW Candidate, won the Mary J. Stinson scholarship this year, and we look forward to having her serve on the board as the SSU Student Liaison.
Ali Baker-North
In addition to being the Vice President last year, Ed Parks, LCSW, has been the webmaster and the membership chair. He has served the Board in one capacity or another for years, and has been the backbone of the CSWA-S, and an amazing resource and organizational historian. He will continue to be on the Board this year as the "web guy," and I hope that everyone utilizes this site as he puts the final touches on the "theme park" that he and his lovely wife Jillison Parks have worked on for years.
And finally, I would like to thank you, the members of the CSWA-S. With your input and support, this organization continues to grow and improve in ways that very few could have predicted 30 years ago. May it become even larger and stronger for another 130 years, and may all of us forge ahead in our practices and make great strides in the field of Social Work.
Thank you, for everything that you are, and for all that you do.
Michael Mack, LCSW
The Clinical Social Work Association of Savannah