Social Worker of the Year: Ann Hartfield

On June 27, 2012, the Clinical Social Workers Association of Savannah proudly recognized Ms. Ann Hartfield as our SocialWorker of the Year. She led a purpose driven life as an organizer, advocate and counselor for some of the most vulnerable populations of people in our community. Ann is fondly admired and respected for her genuine sense of caring and ability to see the positives in all people, regardless of their circumstances. Sadly, she passed away on June 5, 2012. Her daughter, Ms. Stephanie Johnson, accepted this award on her behalf. In addition, we are grateful to her colleagues, additional family and friends who attended this event and shared their memories of how remarkable of a social worker Ms. Ann was. She will remain in the hearts of all that were fortunate to be touched by her. Our new slate of officers was also nominated and elected.

Thanks to everyone who could be in attendance, and to everyone who donated their time and efforts in making this a great year!