April Lunch and Learn

Using Mind-Body Methods for Behavioral Change

After Rene Descartes proclaimed, “I think therefore I am!” western philosophers started down the path of viewing the mind as separate from the body. It wasn’t until Herbert Benson’s “The Relaxation Response” that the spell wrought by the Cartesian dualism really began to lose its influence in the western world’s philosophy of health care.

At our April meeting, Carla Johnson, LPC, will be speaking on “Using Mind-Body Methods for Behavioral Change.” She will highlight ways practitioners can train their clients to access inner mental, emotional and behavioral resources to facilitate their healing. Ms. Johnson is in private practice in Savannah, helping adult clients improve their physical health and create joy in their lives, through counseling and clinical

Wednesday, April 25 | 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
Hoskins Building, Memorial Health University Medical Center

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