How-Tos and FAQs

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How To Log In

If you are a member of CSWA-S, you'll want to log in to the site when you visit – that's how you access your membership perks, like conference discounts and forum access. To log in, go to

You can also access the log-in page via the quick links menu at the bottom of every page or through the top menu by going to LOGIN >> MEMBER LOGIN.


 When prompted, enter your username and password.


You should now be logged in to the site.

How To Register for Events


If you are a member of CSWA-S, be sure to log in to the site before you register for any events. It is the only way you will receive any applicable registration discounts!

Accessing the List of Events

You can navigate to an upcoming event by using the the quick links menu at the bottom of every page or through the top menu (PRACTICE AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT >> UPCOMING EVENTS) or by clicking on the title of individual event in the far right sidebar on the home page (UPCOMING EVENTS):




Once you are brought to the Event Registration page, you will see a list of all of the events currently open for registration. Each listing will display the date, time, location, price and maximum capacity for the event, as well as how many people have already registered. To register, click on the Register button below the pertinent event:


You will be brought to the registration page for the event. Complete the form (including all mandatory fields, indicated by a "*") and click NEXT STEP.


On the next screen, you will be asked to review the form for what is elavil news accuracy. If everything is correct, click the NEXT STEP button. If not, click the BACK button and make the necessary corrections.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive both an on-screen and email confirmation. Hooray – you're registered!

How to Access CSWA-S+ocial

CSWA-S+ocial is an additional way to connect with the other members of CSWA-S.


Access the portal via the quick links menu at the bottom of every page or through top menu (LOGIN >> CSWA-S+ocial)


and login with your CSWA-S username and password.



Once you are logged in, you will be brought to the CSWA-S+ocial control panel.


From here you can access forums, edit your user profile, join a group, upload photos, tell others about upcoming events and more. Have fun!

How To Access the Forums

Site forums are another great way to connect with the other members of CSWA-S.

Accessing the Forums

If you are already logged in to CSWA-S+ocial, you can access the forums via the control panel:



You can also access them via the quick links menu at the bottom of every page or through the top menu (LOGIN >> FORUMS):



Through the Forums menu, you will be able to view and comment upon existing topics or create a new topic for discussion.



Forum Content

The forums are divided into two main sections: the Main Forum and Discussion Rooms.

The Main Forum is largely concerned with administrative tasks, and is the place to post suggestions and comments. Job postings often appear in the Main Forum.

Discussion Rooms are areas that allow you to chat with other members – clinical discussions, professional input, licensure questions and more. To access a discussion, just click on the blue discussion room header – in this case, Recent Luncheon Topics:


There are four topics nested under the Recent Luncheon Topics discussion room:


 Clicking on the blue topic header will take you to the discussion thread, where you can read the topic and add your own input, if desired.