We're always looking for volunteers! CSWA-S is run by its membership, and we welcome participation at any level. Please consider bringing your talents to one of our committees:


 Program Committee

The program committee is responsible for planning and organizing all of our CEU activities, including our monthly luncheons and our quarterly institutes (except the annual conference, which requires a committee of its own). They also manage sponsorship of educational activities and workshops held by other usefull link agencies.

Annual Conference Committee

The annual conference committee manages all phases of our flagship conference, including acquiring speakers, securing facilities, marketing and advertising, hospitality, catering, and publishing of promotional materials.

Social Committee

Currently operating under the program committee (volunteers welcome!) the social committee manages our non-educational events including our fundraising oyster roast, our winter holiday social, and meet-and-greets to keep our community close.

Finance Committee

Under the Treasurer, the finance committee manages the income and expenses as well as tax issues of our growing non-profit organization.

Executive Committee

Comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, the executive committee determines the direction of the organization and creates ad hoc committees for temporary issues.